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Home is definitely where people should feel safest and completely comfortable, though that’s often not quite the case in today’s society. Luckily, our community warden courses are always available to allow individuals to bring an unparalleled standard of safety to all the communities that they work in!

As well as complying fully with all relevant industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate community warden training, skills and knowledge required to work to their maximum potential. They’ll regularly patrol their assigned community, acting as a clearly visible deterrent for criminals and potential troublemakers alike, as well as thoroughly inspecting the key areas highlighted during their community warden training courses.

Those same top quality community warden courses ensure that they have a comprehensive wealth of knowledge when it comes to conflict management, so they’ll always know how to handle even the most volatile anti-social situations. Add to that a thorough familiarity with local amenities via briefing, and you should have some idea about why our community wardens and our community warden courses are both so highly sought after.

We here at SOS Security have a top reputation for providing the finest community wardens in London, and we’re proud to uphold only the very highest standards when it comes to both our wardens and our ability to get them trained up and ready to provide services you’ll never forget.

Next time you go looking for security companies in London that are able to provide incredible community warden training courses, make sure you know how find us! Our contact details can be found right here on our website, so don’t wait to look into our community wardens in London as soon as you can!

SIA Door Supervision:As well as complying with Industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

Patrolling:Routinely patrolling the premises, inspecting for any breaches in security, intruders and those within the building doing illegal activities.

A clearly visible deterrent for criminals and troublemakers. Additional radios with earpieces for easier communication, making customers feel safe and to deter conflict.

Real Time Reporting:Our CCTV operator’s report incidents or accidents as they happen, the real time reporting software allows our clients to be immediately notified if something happens on site.

Clients are updated with the general health and safety of everyone on site, crime reported or irregular occurrences reported on a regular basis.

Anti social behaviour repellents:Coming up with strategies that combat anti social behaviour such as graffiti, Noise loitering and theft.

Our guards are all trained in conflict management so knowing the best way to handle any anti social situations.

Knowledge of Local Amenities:All Security are briefed before they start, making sure they know all local knowledge such as nearest hospital, cash points, cab stations.

Being the first point of contact customers would instantly speak to security for info and our guards would know.

Maintenance of site:Responding to lift malfunctions, also checking stairways and fire exits for any object restrictions. Also looking out for dumping.

Having someone looking over your premises on a ground perspective is effective because they have instant response to any complications.

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