Dog Handler

Our dog handlers London are good visual deterrents to criminals that want to gain unauthorised access to site or properties.

As part of our continued commitment to offering the best security services to all of our clients in the capital, we here at Secure On Site, also offer a dog handler London service.

Whatever site or premises you own, hiring us as your dog handler London security service, will be an investment. Sites or premises that are left unmanned for a number of hours or overnight can be a target for thieves or vandals, especially construction sites, railway sites and festival sites, where expensive equipment may be left out un-securely. On patrol, our dog handlers perform routine inspections, looking out for any breaches in security. Our security dog handlers London are an extremely effective visual deterrent to criminals.

Another effective use for dog handlers London is crowd control, again effective during festivals or events that take place in or around the capital. Hiring dog handlers London wide during such events, ensures safety by keeping order and regaining control of the crowd.

To guarantee that we offer the best possible service, our dog handlers take part in dog handler courses, ensuring that they have all of the necessary skills and qualifications in order to undertake any task professionally and responsibly. Our dog handlers London are NASDU accredited, which is the industry standard for all dog handlers. The NASDU Association are a governing body which comply with both the SIA and BSIA security standards.

At Secure on Site, we leave nothing to chance, we understand the importance of offering our clients a dog handler London service. Don’t hesitate, contact us today for more information on how we can be your security company in London.

SIA Door Supervision:As well as complying with Industry standards and legislation, our dog handlers have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work and our members of the National Association of Security Dog Users.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

Patrolling:Our dog handlers perform routine patrols to inspect for any breaches in security.

A clearly visible deterrent for criminals and troublemakers. Additional radios with earpieces for easier communication, making customers feel safe and to deter conflict.

Uniform:Uniform varies from a ‘SOS’ polo top and black trouser to a ‘SOS’ suit, however it does depend on the venue. All guards are made to look presentable as well as clean.

Being the first point of contact hygiene is important, as it is a direct reflection of your company. This requirement is parallel with customer service as bad hygiene is frowned upon in every professional establishment.

NASDU Accredited:Is the national association for security dog users. This association maintain standards that comply with the SIA, BSIA.

The benefit of this is that our dog handles our certified and trained by a governing body, which means higher standards are kept and maintained for everyone’s safety.

Access control:Our dog handlers control, monitor and manage access points.

100% bag and body search keeps venues safe from any troublemakers bringing illegal substances and weapons. Also preventing anyone coming in that have not met venue requirements e.g. dress code.

Crowd Control:Our dog handlers control crowds effectively, they can disperse large groups and maintain order on site.

The benefit of this is be able to regain customers confidence and safety by keeping order and regaining control of the crowd whether its indoor or outdoor events.

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