Door Supervisor / Bouncer and Doorman

Door supervision is a must have venue security service for any kind of venue, that requires a healthy and safe environment for the people in it. Without it, you are vulnerable to intruders and potential threats of illegal happenings. Even a mere presence of a door supervisor such as a bouncer keeps any kind of mishappening or criminal activity at bay. A quality doorman service will render you peace of mind and safety to you and your people.

We provide highly effective and potential bouncer services in London. Our bouncers are SIA approved, i.e. they are fully trained, experienced and have high knowledge for the work. They possess intellectual and critical thinking that can curb any kind of trouble and keep the safety and healthiness of people at top priority. We understand that every organisation looks for a decent and safe environment for its staff, customer, its premises and itself and when they hire us for the door supervision, they hire an unbreakable shield; as we understand how important it is to provide the highest level of security available and we guarantee to do it with the best of our abilities. Our healthy clientele list reflects our promises that we keep each and every time we are hired.

With us, you can also find vacancies for door supervisor jobs in London. If you lack experience in the field as a door supervisor, then you will be provided adequate training and tuition making you capable and eligible for the doorman job. We also guarantee a job interview with us or the organisations we are affiliated with. Your chances of employability in door supervisor jobs in London increase when you go with us through the process we exercise for the recruitment.

When you hire us, you get the best available door supervision security services that the security industry in the UK can possibly offer. Our door supervisors are dedicated, attentive and determined for you and your people’s safety. You will be glad to have us as our work reflects the sense of reliability and precision this making you want to work with us again and again.

Call us today and get the best security service in Door Supervision from the UK’s security experts, i.e.  us.


SIA Door Supervision: As well as complying with industry standards and legislation, our door supervisors have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work in a licensed premises.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

Physical Intervention: Our guards are trained in physical intervention. They possess the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and others from assault.

Customers, staff and anyone engaging with our service is safe from harm and customers are able to enjoy themselves.

Conflict Management: Our guards are trained in conflict management. They possess the skills and knowledge to prevent conflict occurring or escalating into frustration, anger, aggression or violence.

Creates a safe and enjoyable environment for customers who are then happy to return.

Access control: Our guards control and manage people and items that want to gain access to the venue. Our guards also manage the queue, search customers on entry and disperse customers from the venue at the end of the evening.

100% bag and body search keeps venues safe from any troublemakers bringing illegal substances and weapons. Also preventing anyone coming in that have not met venue requirements e.g. dress code.

Patrolling: Our door supervisors perform routine patrols inside the venue to maintain order, they observe for irregularities in customer’s behaviour, inspect for breaches in security and monitor the health and safety of everyone inside the venue.

It prevents crime inside the premises because it is a visible deterrent to criminals and troublemakers. It gives customers reassurance and builds rapport with customers, which allows our guards to be proactive when dealing with situations.

Real Time Reporting: Using computer tablets to monitor staff also giving incident and accident reports to be submitted online.

Real time reports making all incidents being reported instantly online via e-mail making sure you are always updated.

Knowledge of Local Amenities: All Security are briefed before they start, making sure they know all local knowledge such as nearest hospital, cash points, cab stations.

Being the first point of contact customers would instantly speak to security for info and our guards would know.

Uniform: Uniform varies from a ‘SOS’ polo top and black trouser to a ‘SOS’ suit, however it does depend on the venue. All guards are made to look presentable as well as clean.

Being the first point of contact hygiene is important, as it is a direct reflection of your company. This requirement is parallel with customer service as bad hygiene is frowned upon in every professional establishment.

Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work:Our staffs are trained to resuscitate and aid individuals with minor or serious injuries

The benefit is assistance until the emergency services arrive for individuals with serious injuries and resuscitation.

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