Show and Event Security

There is an interesting trend when it comes crime rates during the festival period each year. With an increasing number of different events now taking place in the capital, it is a given that event security is required for any location accross London.

Secure on site were extremely efficient, organised and professional. I was extremely happy with my experience with them from start to finish. The staff are friendly and helpful. 10/10

Jamie Oliver Limited

Very professional, the guard was well dressed arrived on time and all our customers seemed to love him. He got on really well with everyone..”

Brass Monkey

Used SOS for a private event, they where excellent. I will always use them in the future”


The service is efficient and reliable, all the door supervisors they have provided us have been experienced and diligent.

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From indoor and outdoor events, festivals, parades and shows, here at Secure On Site we have the necessary skill set to be your show and event security company throughout London.

Festivals and events are to the opportunist thief, what an open window is to your regular house burglar. With crowds of people swarming to enjoy the entertainment, some will unfortunately take it as a chance to make some easy money. Statistically, 16% of festival goers were a victim of crime last year. This figure expected to rise again this year but with some fantastic services for event security London, this number may diminish.

Unfortunately, vandalism and violence are also a possibility at events, such instances can leave the event organisers out of pocket. Using event security services London to oversee the event can help deter these anti-social behaviours.

Event organisers should consider us as their company for event security London. As well as guaranteeing a service that is both reliable and professional, our expertise in the event security industry, ensures that we can be involved in everything from the planning stages of the event to the events end. We will cover everything from crowd control to front of house security. There is no event too small or too large that we cannot cover.

At Secure On Site, we understand the importance of event security London wide. For the ultimate peace of mind, hire us today as your company for event security London. Contact our team for more information on the services we provide as one of the leading security companies in London.

SIA Door Supervision: As well as complying with Industry standards and legislation, our door supervisors have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work in a security environment.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

Control Room: Our CCTV operatives monitor the health and safety of crowds at large events. They also liaise with security personnel, supervisory teams, management and emergency services.

Having an overall eye on what goes on and linking with all operatives from every hierarchy so everyone is in the loop of all actions within an event.

Pit Team: Our Pit Team work in the Pit area in front of the stage. Our pit team possess the skills and knowledge to ensure their own personal safety and members of the public.

Main objective being the crowd safety so our operatives look out for people being squashed, over heating and being anti-social or violent. Those that fall under that category will be extracted from over the barrier if needed and handed water for those that feel ill.

Response Teams: Our Response team covertly or overtly patrol the event, they respond quickly to any situations that require immediate attention e.g. a dispute between two event goers. They maintain a low profile until otherwise required.

Response team in an event is having peace of mind that all conflict will be dealt with in a professional manner.

Backstage Security: Our Backstage security safeguard the backstage area of the event and are mainly positioned on access points.

Only authorised personnel are allowed backstage and people using the backstage area are monitored and managed.

Car Park Management: We can offer our expertise to help with car park design, as well as ingress and egress of traffic attending the event, taking into consideration the entry and exit of emergency vehicles. Our Car Park Attendants can take payments of visitors, check accreditations or take drivers details.

If a vehicle has to be moved our car park management service can identify the owners quickly also providing a safe space for customers vehicle on arrival.

Searching: Our search teams mainly consist of SIA trained door supervisors. They are used for the searching of vehicles and members of the public entering the site.

Having a search team at an event limits potential hazards getting in to a venue. Searching for liquids allow the event to be more profitable, as customers will have to purchase from the event.

Consultancy: We have a hand on approach from the beginning stages of when an event is being planned. Sometimes security can be overlooked when event planning and we feel it is vital to most events.

The benefits of this is having first hand knowledge of what security implementations have to be put in place for the smooth running of a events. Things we will include within the plan are points of access control, accreditations, ingress and egress.