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Secure On Site Security are one of the most successful security companies in London, providing services
aimed at protecting homes, workplaces and society as a whole. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of customer
service to our clients, offering professionalism, reliability and peace of mind.


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Take A Look at some of the Security Services we provide Covering The Scope Of Close Protection Services (UK Only), Mobile and Static Guarding including CCTV Operations, Dog Handling, Key Holding and Alarm Response, Event Security and Door Supervision at Licensed Premises.



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White Hart Lane opens its doors for Jobs Fair

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation has been working with the community to help improve Haringey residents’ employment prospects, as part of the new stadium development and regeneration scheme. On Wednesday 5 March, Secure On Site where invited to support the Tottenham...

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Secure On Site win £300 at LYST event

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, the London Youth Support Trust hosted a special networking event for all its businesses. As well as inviting three guest speakers to have an open discussion on how to make more money in business, LYST held its first ever...

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Benefits of Hiring A Security Company
Why Security Companies Are Necessary?

Let’s face it. Even the mere presence of a single security guard prevents a crime from happening. When you hire security guard, his/her presence in your streets not only allows you to sleep peacefully in your homes but also makes bad people think twice before active something against the law.

Safety is an important aspect of life. Without safety, there is no peace of mind and with no peace of mind, one cannot grow. While the crime is increasing day by day in the world, the need of security for maintaining a peaceful environment around us is increasing as well. And that peaceful environment can only be delivered by an effective service of security guards UK wide. This is where we step in.

We are a private security company dedicated to protecting and we give people the level of security services they want.

Secure Sn Site Security is a major security company UK, and we believe in delivering you nothing but the best and the top level of security service for your home, office, events or any intended purpose to keep you and the society around us safe. With us comes, reliability, excellence in the field, and peace of mind that is what eventually everyone wants.

Being an established security company in London, we provide various security services that accommodate the needs of today’s modern society’s requirements and are diverse. With us, you can consider yourself covered with whatever security or monitoring service you require to have.

  • Door Supervision
  • Site Security
  • Event security
  • Corporate security
  • Close protection
  • Residential security
  • Community Warden
  • Retail Security
  • Railway Security
  • Dog Handler
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Concierge Reception

These are the list of services that come with us and you are covered with us with any kind of security service requirement that you can possibly need.Whether you need CCTV cameras installed in your provinces, or hire security guard UK or hire a security company, you will get everything with us.

Why Hire Us As Your Security Company In London?

We are specialized in operating all over the England like other security companies in London and are known for our precision and service quality. Our SOS staff is highly trained, SIA licensed operatives who know all the ins and outs of the particular security they deliver. They stay sharp, attentive and pose intellectual and critical thinking. They know their way around against all sorts of issues or dangers that a security company in London is needed for.

Hiring an efficient security company in London, like us, will render you extreme insulation for minor to major – all kind of threats or incidents that might occur without having any security arrangements.  This reflects in our highly satisfied and elite clientele list whom we served with our best of the abilities and exceeded their expectations. And we work hard to keep it that way, as we understand the importance of security in everyone’s life; a single error or lack of attention leads to some serious mishappening sometimes.

Have an experience of security hire with us, as SOS fully accommodate with the legislation that controls the security industry under the private security act 2001, along with other relevant security guard company legislations. We run in accordance with the vision of SIA and personify their mission of raising the standards of security services all over the UK.