Residential Security

If you decide to travel on holiday or go abroad on a business trip SOS residential security guards can protect your unoccupied property.

Residential security London is not something that should be over looked. Whether you are out of town on holiday or on a business trip, the last thing you need is to worry about your empty property. This is why we here at Secure On Site offer unrivalled residential security London wide.

According to the local crime figures 155,914 burglaries were reported overall in 2014 and 2015, of this total figure 99,726 were thought to be residential burglaries. A property that looks empty is extremely inviting to opportunist thieves and burglars alike. Ensuring that windows and doors are locked correctly, the building is alarmed and well lit should deter some burglars, however for total peace of mind you should consider hiring a residential security London company. This is the only real way to guarantee that a property is secure at all times so why not try out our residential security London and have some reliable residential security guards outside of your premises today?

We here at Secure On Site understand the need for dependable and reliable residential security London, and this is why we are one of the leading residential security companies London has to offer. We are able to supply well experienced security guards with the correct knowledge and service skills to safeguard your property, ensuring that every aspect of your premises are kept safe and secure while you away.

As a resential security London company, we’re extremely proud of the reputation we have within the security industry. We are able to offer our customers a wide range of security services, and with a highly reliable and professional team of residential security guards, we ensure that we guarantee you the most effective security solutions. There is nothing more important than important than your own peace of mind, as one of the leading residential security companies in London, make sure that you contact us today.

SIA Door Supervision: As well as complying with industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work.

A competent guard who can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Fire Marshall: Our guards are trained fire marshals they posses the skills and knowledge to deal with fire safety issues.

A guard who is capable of dealing with fire safety issues should or when they arise.

Physical Intervention: Our guards are trained in physical intervention. They possess the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and others from assault.

Customers, staff and anyone engaging with our service is safe from harm and customers are able to enjoy themselves.

Patrolling: Our guards perform routine patrols to inspect for any breaches in security.

It prevents criminals from targeting your property whilst you’re away because they will see that your property is being protected.

Asset Protection Looking after specific prized possessions.

Spending close attention to some of your special items that may be of high risk and guaranteeing its safety.

Access control: Our guards control and manage people and items that want to gain access to the venue. Our guards also manage the queue, search customers on entry and disperse customers from the venue at the end of the evening.

100% bag and body search keeps venues safe from any troublemakers bringing illegal substances and weapons. Also preventing anyone coming in that have not met venue requirements e.g. dress code.

Real Time Reporting: Using computer tablets to monitor staff also giving incident and accident reports to be submitted online.

Real time reports making all incidents being reported instantly online via e-mail making sure you are always updated.

Knowledge of Local Amenities: All Security are briefed before they start, making sure they know all local knowledge such as nearest hospital, cash points, cab stations.

Being the first point of contact customers would instantly speak to security for info and our guards would know.

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