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There is a lot to consider when searching for security companies in London, but how do you find the best retail security London? Well that’s where we come in.

We take pride in our professional and personal approach to every job we tackle. From larger retail security London to smaller retail security, we guarantee a service that best fits our client’s needs.

Some online reports suggest that there was over three million offences against UK retailers in 2013-14, with costs to businesses soaring as high as an estimated £600m. According to their annual report, the Office of National Statistics revealed that retail theft in 2014 saw an increase of 5% compared to that of the previous year. This is a trend that is expected to continue this year. So are you interested in the services of retail security companies in London?

It goes without saying that retail security London is a necessity. Hiring one of the right retail security companies in London is essential for your business. Retailers can rely on Secure on Site for their retail security London. From your employees to your premises, providing your retail security London will be our number one priority.

Here at Secure on Site, we understand the importance of having the best retail security London can provide. Don’t hesitate, call us today for more information on how we can assist you as one of the leading retail security companies in London.

SIA Door Supervision: As well as complying with Industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

Real Time Reporting: Our CCTV operator’s report incidents or accidents as they happen, the real time reporting software allows our clients to be immediately notified if something happens on site.

Clients are updated with the general health and safety of everyone on site, crime reported or irregular occurrences reported on a regular basis.

Store Detectives: Our store detectives operate covertly using observational skills to spot signs of attempted theft. They have the power to detain someone who tries to leave with stolen goods.

The benefit of this is preventing the store from making a loss. It also allows the detective to monitor staff in case of any items going missing from the stockroom.

Uniform: Uniform varies from a ‘SOS’ polo top and black trouser to a ‘SOS’ suit, however it does depend on the venue. All guards are made to look presentable as well as clean.

Being the first point of contact hygiene is important, as it is a direct reflection of your company. This requirement is parallel with customer service as bad hygiene is frowned upon in every professional establishment.

Conflict Management: Our guards are trained in conflict management. They possess the skills and knowledge to prevent conflict occurring or escalating into frustration, anger, aggression or violence.

Creates a safe and enjoyable environment for customers who are then happy to return.

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