Construction Site Security

When considering construction site security, you should look no further than Secure On Site. We are your specialists when it comes to delivering construction site security London wide.

Our wealth of experience in local industry, allows us to manage a wide range of site security. From construction sites, to railway sites and everything else in between, we guarantee a service that is both reliable and professional. In the Construction industry alone, it comes as no surprise that both theft and vandalism are seen as the most common forms of crime.

A recent report by The Charted Institute Of Building (CIOB), suggests that of all the construction companies surveyed, 21% stated that they had experienced theft each week. More astonishingly, 92% of the respondents said that they experienced theft either monthly or yearly. With an estimated cost of £400 million a year across the UK, construction site theft and vandalism, is something that needs tackling. According to online polls, London was the leader when it came to construction site thefts in 2014. It goes without saying that hiring a local company to provide construction security, is an investment to any construction company.

As part of our continued commitment to delivering the best on site security in the industry, we at Secure On Site, also offer site security courses and training London wide. This ensures that our security guards have the necessary skill set in order to keep your sites safe.

At Secure on Site, we understand the importance of construction site security London. Having us on board will not only prevent crime but also give you peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to call one of the leading security companies in London! Call us today for more information on how we can assist with construction site security London.

SIA Door Supervision: As well as complying with Industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to work.

A license in Door supervision allows for an individual to work in a licensed venue. Security operatives that are properly trained and qualified.

CSCS Card: A scheme for the construction industry that confirms individual working in the built environment has the necessary training and qualifications.

All operatives have knowledge of a construction site environment so know how to stay safe on site.

Uniform: Uniform varies from a ‘SOS’ polo top and black trouser to a ‘SOS’ suit, however it does depend on the venue. All guards are made to look presentable as well as clean.

Being the first point of contact hygiene is important, as it is a direct reflection of your company. This requirement is parallel with customer service as bad hygiene is frowned upon in every professional establishment.

Access control: Our guards control, monitor and manage anyone who wants to gain access to site making sure all workers sign in their attendance, have their staff identification cards, correct uniform and have been inducted to the site.

100% bag and body search keeps venues safe from any troublemakers bringing illegal substances and weapons. Also preventing anyone coming in that have not met venue requirements e.g. dress code.

Patrolling: Our guards perform routine patrols to inspect for any breaches in security.

A clearly visible deterrent for criminals and troublemakers. Additional radios with earpieces for easier communication, making customers feel safe and to deter conflict.

First Aiders: Our guards are trained in emergency first aid, they possess the knowledge and skills to resuscitate or aid individuals with minor or serious injuries.

Our guards can aid individuals before the arrival of emergency services.

Supervising Contractors: All visitors, employees, building contractors, cleaners and delivery drivers report to our security officer.

We manage the overall coordination of contractors on site. Maintaining an intimate knowledge of who is doing what activity and where at any one time.

Induction: Our guards can carry out site inductions, briefing all workers on the site rules, hazards associated with the site, nature of the work, personal protective equipment, safe system of work, access and egress to site etc.

We can ensure that before anyone enters the site they are fully aware off the hazards they may face and the best practices on conducting themselves.

Maintaining Site: Our guards respond to lift malfunctions, they check stairwells and fire exits for suspect packages, items or objects blocking fire exits.

Keeping a site office clean is important as this ties in with being organized with things such as incident reports and signing in sheet.

Real Time Reporting: Our CCTV operator’s report incidents or accidents as they happen, the real time reporting software allows our clients to be immediately notified if something happens on site.

Clients are updated with the general health and safety of everyone on site, crime reported or irregular occurrences reported on a regular basis.

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