Managing a hotel is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Hotel owners and management have very little spare time and are primarily focused on customer service, booking customers in, and making sure they are happy and leave with a glowing review and a plan to keep coming back. On top of the customer care, theres hiring and managing staff members and training them on how the hotel is run day to day. Throw in maintenance, repairs and room upgrades and you can quickly see how fast pace the Hotel trade is!.

Some of the hardest challenges hotel management face is ensuring security of the Hotel and the people in it and the property itself. Hotels are a rotating door with people coming and going all day and all night, potentially thousands of keys can be out at any one time meaning the same about of people can access the building 24/7… Hotel Security can be a massive job all by itself, especially in larger cities like London.

The general option for hotels is to turn to professional security companies that are experienced in hotel security. Security firms that have worked around this sector and know what danger areas to look out for, can massively reduce a Hotel Mangers workload, leaving more time for looking after guests and staff.

So, Here are 7 reasons why you should hire professional security for your hotel:

1. To protect the property from external damage such as graffiti

2. To prevent criminal activity within the hotel (especially at times where skeleton staff operate)

3. Visible patrols, this has proven to put criminals off coming near your premises

4. Protection and peace of mind for you, your guests and your staff

5. Emergency training and quick response

6. Monitor key card access and guest lists (especially for onsite events and functions)

7. Staff training in Security and emergencies

As hotel owners/managers, the safety of your guests is massively important, but the majority of the time staff that are skilled in Security in this sector are hard to find. Security Companies like us are specifically trained to deal with Hotel Security and will ensure your hotel is safe and comfortable for you, your staff and your guests!

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