The Notting Hill Carnival is known as Europe’s biggest street festival. For those who don’t know it is a massive street party that takes over the Notting Hill area every year with Caribbean culture, food and music. It attracts around one million people annually and with those numbers expected to attend again this year, we were asked by our client to supply door personnel on both days over the 2-day event. Our client’s security requirements were to control the entry to their tent and maintain order inside their restaurant.

Although our client was happy with the service we provided and there was no incidents at their restaurant. The Met police reported that 407 people were arrested, this accounted for 106 for drugs, 74 for public order offences and 57 for the possession of knives and other bladed weapons. Newspaper reports suggest police had arrested 314 people by 20:30 on Monday. The 407 arrests represent a 55% rise on last years total of 261. The Met said it was the highest number of arrests at carnival in more than a decade.

Due to the rise in arrests at the Notting Hill Carnival, Boris Johnson (the Mayor of London) in a recent radio interview said “he as not necessarily a massive supporter of the way it’s organised” and that previous attempts to move the carnival to Hyde Park had been “bitterly resisted by all sorts of people”.

We will like to hear your thoughts on what Boris Johnson said in his recent radio interview? Do you think the carnival should be moved to Hyde Park or not? Do you think the Notting Hill Carnival safe or dangerous? Do you think the Police do a good job at the Carnival? Tweet us your thoughts and anything you want to say in regards to the Carnival or Security @secureonsitepss

Notting Hill Carnival – Security Companies in London

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