It doesn’t matter what season we are in, retail theft is unfortunately showing no signs of going away. This is why store owners in the capital should consider hiring adequate retail security London wide.

In a report by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) earlier this year, figures revealed that retail theft has reached a new high. The annual Retail Crime Survey suggests that although the amount of reported incidents has fallen by 4%, the average value of in store thefts has increased by 36%. This is estimated as costing £241 per incident, an increase of £64 on average, for each case of retail theft reported in 2014.

When looking at the overall picture of reported retail crime, the British Retail Consortium report also revealed that there was an astonishing three million offences committed against retailers in 2013-2014, in some cases violence played a part in the offence. Here at Secure On Site, we recognise the importance of hiring retail security companies, to help battle this ever growing epidemic.

Our company provides reliable retail security London wide, to ensure that employees, premises and stock, remain protected at all times. As a company providing retail security London and further afield, we ensure that our guards are equipped to deal with any situation that is presented to them. Our guards are a visible presence on any shop floor, acting as a deterrent to any acts of crime. They have the power to detain anyone who tries to leave the premises with stolen goods, as well as being in a position to monitor staff at all times.

With the ever increasing cost of retail theft, retail security companies are a must for any store owner. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you as your retail security London wide.