Manned security guards are usually privately owned and operated. They are operated by private security companies or security guard companies. They are trained to protect people or property by maintaining vigilance in order to keep away criminals and related activities. They restrict unauthorised access to individuals, organisations, events, and private property.  This is a wide practice in major cities with infrastructural development. Although privately owned, armed security guard can fully exercise measures to ensure his duties are successful, they require the aid of technology to function more efficiently. A manned security service has been a growing field despite challenges like lack of quality manpower and lack of compliance with requirements.  Last year’s reports showed a global manned security market size of over 41,000 million dollars.

Technological advancement has contributed to the development of fields like this, supplying security guard companies with necessary gadgets to carry out their services. Technologies like the use of pen camera, hidden cameras for sale related services like stores, and spy cam has helped improved surveillance drastically.  Some of the notable revolutionary trends in manned security services include rise in price, use of better equipment, well trained manpower, and compliance with regulations. In 2017, manned security services market size stood at 41800 million dollars. Despite the limitations global security market size is predicted to be at about 86,000 million dollars by 2025 ending. Between 2018 and 2025, the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5%.

Technology may not have been the only major factor that contributed towards the development of this field but its contributions cannot go unnoticed. For example, the smallest impact in saving cost at a point can be translated into huge sums at a bigger scale. Looking at computer development and the internet, manned security industry has experienced a major shift in its operation from this alone. Paper work used to take long to process but now it can take a matter of minutes electronically. This greatly improves delivery time and enhancing customer satisfaction. The internet provides a means to which customers or clients could interact with these security guard companies quicker and more efficiently. Other technological contributions include through training of manpower. The internet having a massive pool of information provides for these companies access to world class training methods and instruction to facilitate their man power training. They also provide access to the rules and regulations related to these services improving the chances of compliance. One major way technology continues to contribute towards security guard services is through  effective communication between security guards and their clients, this flow of information is very important especially in emergency situations.

Although the world has not arrived here yet, a time will come when technology can stand on its own to provide security services. The need for armed guards would no longer be necessary.  Some of these technologies include the use of CCTV and alarm systems, use of advanced security system like armed robots, automated building technology and more. At this point it is important to combine the available technology with the best security guard services available, tapping into this growing field. Thanks to technology, manned security or private guards are now more trained, more equipped, more professional and more ready to adhere to regulations. Manned security guard armed with the right technology is expected to highly reliable, efficient and professional. It is hoped that a trial shall convince you.

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