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Home is definitely where people should feel safest and completely comfortable, though that’s often not quite the case in today’s society. Luckily, our community wardens are always available to allow individuals to bring an unparalleled standard of safety to all the communities that they work in!


As well as complying fully with all relevant industry standards and legislation, our guards have the appropriate community warden training, skills and knowledge required to work to their maximum potential. They’ll regularly patrol their assigned community, acting as a clearly visible deterrent for criminals and potential troublemakers alike, as well as thoroughly inspecting the key areas highlighted during their community warden training.


Those same top quality community wardens ensure that they have a comprehensive wealth of knowledge when it comes to conflict management, so they’ll always know how to handle even the most volatile anti-social situations. Add to that a thorough familiarity with local amenities via briefing, and you should have some idea about why our community wardens are so highly sought after.


We here at Secure On Site Security have a top reputation for providing the finest community wardens in London, and we’re proud to uphold only the very highest standards when it comes to both our wardens and our ability to get them trained up and ready to provide services you’ll never forget.


Next time you go looking for security companies in London that are able to provide incredible community wardens, make sure you know how find us! Our contact details can be found right here on our website, so don’t wait to look into our community wardens in London as soon as you can!


Dealing with difficult situations and the use of any technical equipment they are issued with. They are courteous, punctual, and helpful and show initiative. We supply all staff with uniform and a photographic identification card that they wear at all times.


“This discreet and professional service has ensured that every aspect of security at our projects runs smoothly”.
“Came to the end of a project and required short term cover, through our contacts we got in touch with secure on site. They have been great to deal with aswell as their guards.”

Excellent service, great communication and prompt response times.”

“Secure On Site deliver top class, consistent security services. The guards in which they provide are friendly, professional and have pride in their job.”

K E Y  F E A T U R E S


Free 24/7 telephone and email support included as standard meaning help is there when you need it. Also a free consultation for all new clients.



Always up to date with the latest legislation. All guards are SIA licensed and receive training in customer service first aid and fire safety



All accounts are managed directly by the owners so help is on hand 24/7: Extensive round-the-clock services



We frequently assess our services to ensure continuous improvement of our services



One of the few security companies in London recognised as an approved training provider by the SIA


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