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Are you looking for security vacancies and security jobs? Give us a call today on 0203 7000 967. Talk with one of our recruitment team members. We will send you out an application form and get the process rolling.

The Importance of Security Jobs

Security Industry is one of the exponentially booming industries in the world. As the development and urbanisation are on surge, potential threats and crimes are increasing in parallel as well. This leads in more demands of quality security services. It is an exciting and profitable career to pursue and if you are looking for security vacancies or SIA security jobs in London, we are here for you.

Secure on site is a highly potential and exciting start-ups in security industry in the UK. Working with us will render you many advantages and perks that you can possibly imagine to get working in the security industry.

We have all kind of SIA security jobs for you; be it Security guard jobs, residential security jobs, event security jobs, site security jobs, corporate security jobs and security officer jobs and more.

  • With us you get your own high quality, genuine gear and equipments for the security jobs that will bring out the best in you when you are on board. Your skills and potentials will be perfectly melded with the equipments you get and will help you perform at your best.
  • Along with an exciting security jobs, you will also earn great deal of money. The pay you get with us is the best that the industry has to offer.
  • The job module is totally flexible; you can have flexible shifts and full time positions.
  • You will have a great working environment when you are with us as a security operative. You will have the chance to work at some cool and amazing places that will render you new experience of life.

Our vision is to keep the people safe and raise the security standards around all of us. Give them the best security services with the best of our ability and becoming the leading security service provider company. You will get to be a part of that dream and help us achieve that goal. This way we and you both are going to flourish and grow together while pursuing a heroic career.

You’ll need a few things, in order to sign up for our security vacancies;

  1. A full 5 year checkable history if yours is needed. This is required in order to know your authentication and character reference. It will help us to know you better.
  2. We also need to see that you have the right to work in UK, so that you could get on with us the security profession as security guard jobs or security officer jobs, without any legal roadblock.
  3. Lastly but most importantly, a valid and in-date SIA licence. SIA licence shows that the candidate has what it takes to perform in the security profession and the candidate posses the required knowledge of the profession.


We’re one of the UK’s most exciting startups, and we all have one goal: to change the way people view security. Interested? As a security officer, you’ll get all of this…

You’ll be provided with high-quality gear and equipment.


Flexible shifts and full time positions

You’ll earn great money.

Work in wonderful environments and locations


Ready to get working as a SOS Security Operative? Here’s everything you need in order to sign up:


Full 5 year checkable history


Right to work in the UK



Valid and indate SIA licence

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