Due to the rise of modern retail and the e-commerce industry, there are more warehouses than ever. And, often home to goods worth millions, they have become an easy target for criminals – especially since many are in remote locations.

Warehouse theft creates several issues. If a client’s merchandise is stolen, concern will likely spread amongst other clients that their goods could potentially be in danger. Secondly, there is the threat of goods being stolen by employees, which is much harder to detect.

During the winter months, when daylight hours shorten, cases of theft soar. It is essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your warehouse is secure and your goods are safe. There are no reliable statistics for UK warehouse theft, but statistics from America show that – over the pond –  it runs into the billions.


CCTV Installation 

Secure On Site Security can provide your property with a comprehensive CCTV solution. The presence of CCTV cameras alone act as a strong deterrent to criminals. Ensure that CCTV cameras face doorways and are placed in such a way that they can capture people’s faces.


Random and Scheduled Inspections

It has been proven that random inspections can decrease the probability of theft. Our staff can carry out scheduled and random inspections at your workplace to ensure that the chance of employee theft is reduced. This will help to protect your interests and those of your clients.


Mobile Patrols Ensure Complete Coverage

The presence of security guards around and inside your property will drastically decrease the threat of theft from criminals. It is important to control access points and to track who enters and leaves the building. Knowing who has been where is a great tool for preventing internal threats.


Reduce Anonymity

Criminals will be far more successful when they know exactly how your workplace works. It is worth considering having employees wear identifiers, name badges or uniforms. Therefore, those who do not belong in your workplace will stand out.



Alarms are an extremely good deterrent when reducing the risk of theft. They tend to scare off intruders before they have the chance to cause any real damage. Alone, they are not enough to protect your warehouse. However, with a combination of different techniques, you will be able to reduce the chance of theft by a large margin.


Secure On Site Security is a logistics security provider. We offer a wide range of tailored logistics security solutions to meet your needs from security guards, CCTV security and mobile patrols. Get in touch today to request a free quotation.

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